About The ANGEL Program

ANGEL stands for Autism iNtervention and Guidance for Early Learners!

The ANGEL Program is an inclusion-based program within Holy Rosary Catholic School. We provide support for our students on the autism spectrum, in the mainstream classroom with other same-age, neuro-typical peers. Our ANGEL staff accompany the students provide support as needed to ensure assimilation in to the social and academic constructs of a classroom.  We maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio, with no more than 4 Angel students per 1 Angel Staff.

The focus of the program is to provide individualized social and behavioral services for Angel students in PreK 3- Kindergarten. We also promote independence, joint attention, and appropriate social peer engagement in a typical classroom setting from Kindergarten until 5th grade, as needed. We primarily accept children with high functioning Autism, and who have language skills similar to their same age typical peers.


We admit new students in grades Pre-K 3 through Kindergarten (3-6 years old) and will continue to provide services as needed through the 5th grade. 

The Staff of The ANGEL Program

Darren Mullis

Holy Rosary School


B.S., B.A.

Anne Gardino

Holy Rosary School

Assistant Principal

Admissions Director

B.S., M.S.

Emily Sater

The ANGEL Program

Lead Therapist

B.S.Ed, M.S., BCBA

Carolyn Bell

The ANGEL Program

Behavior Technician

B.S., RBT Candidate

Emily Corbitt

The ANGEL Program

Behavior Technician


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